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Le Labo’s Top 10 Candles: A Fragrant Symphony of Artisanal Excellence!

Candle enthusiasts, brace yourselves for an olfactory journey through Le Labo’s top 10 candles—a collection where each fragrance is a masterpiece, and every candle is a testament to artisanal craftsmanship. Join us in exploring the captivating scents, unique designs, and burn times that make Le Labo candles an emblem of exquisite indulgence.


best le labo candle ambroxyde 17

A captivating blend of radiant ambroxyde, musks, woods, and jasmine petals, offering an intoxicating olfactory experience.

Scent: Radiant ambroxyde, musks, woods, and jasmine petals.
Look & Feel: A captivating blend housed in a sleek vessel.
Why Buy: Experience the intoxicating allure of ambroxyde, reminiscent of natural ambergris, in cruelty-free form.

2 – SANTAL 26

best le labo candle santal 26

Gentle, smoky, and leathery, this scent fills your space with true personality and sophistication.

Scent: Gentle, smoky, and leathery with true personality.
Look & Feel: Aristocratic and refined, perfect for sophisticated spaces.
Why Buy: Let this aristocratic scent fill your space and evoke a sense of warmth and sophistication.


best le labo candle encens 9

Serene and contemplative, with notes of frankincense, amber, and clove, creating a tranquil ambiance.

Scent: Frankincense, amber, and clove for a serene ambiance.
Look & Feel: Elegantly designed to inspire calm and contemplation.
Why Buy: Ignite your soul with the rich aroma of frankincense and embark on a journey of serenity.


best le labo candle palo santo 14

Embrace the sacred with energizing palo santo, cedarwood, and labdanum, clearing negativity and comforting your space.

Scent: Energizing palo santo with cedarwood and labdanum.
Look & Feel: Embrace the sacred with a warm and comforting blend.
Why Buy: Transform your space into a sanctuary and clear negativity with this sacred scent.

5- CALONE 17

best le labo candle calone 17

Transportive and refreshing, with marine notes, geranium, and amber, bringing the essence of the ocean into your home.

Scent: Marine notes, geranium, and amber for a sea-inspired escape.
Look & Feel: Transportive and refreshing, like a sea breeze in your home.
Why Buy: Bring the essence of the ocean into your living room and unwind in coastal bliss.

6- FIGUE 15

best le labo candle figue 15

Irresistibly fragrant blend of fig and blackcurrant, offering a timeless favorite in candle form.

Scent: A tantalizing blend of fig and blackcurrant.
Look & Feel: Irresistibly fragrant, but please refrain from eating the wax!
Why Buy: Discover why fig remains a timeless favorite with this enticing blend.


best le labo candle laurier 62

A beautiful chaos of laurel, rosemary, and amber, creating a unique sensory experience that inspires creativity.

Scent: A complex fusion of laurel, rosemary, and amber.
Look & Feel: A beautiful chaos of ingredients, creating a unique sensory experience.
Why Buy: Revel in the eclectic blend of ingredients and let the chaos inspire you.


best le labo candle petit 21

Evokes warm Mediterranean nights with elegant orange blossom and green undertones, transporting you to sun-drenched landscapes.

Scent: Elegant orange blossom with green undertones.
Look & Feel: Evokes warm Mediterranean nights in a refined package.
Why Buy: Transport yourself to the sun-drenched landscapes of Seville with this exquisite blend.

9- CADE 26

best le labo candle cade 26

Smoky and baroque, reminiscent of the Gramercy Park Hotel, perfect for those seeking an alluring and sophisticated scent.

Scent: Smoky and baroque, reminiscent of the Gramercy Park Hotel.
Look & Feel: Deep and alluring, perfect for creative spaces.
Why Buy: Experience the allure of this captivating scent, beloved by the creative set.

10 – PIN 12

best le labo candle pin 12

Delicate aroma of aromatic pinewoods and musks, offering a subtle yet enchanting fragrance reminiscent of the holiday season.

Scent: A delicate blend of aromatic pinewoods and musks.
Look & Feel: Subtly fragrant, perfect for year-round enjoyment.
Why Buy: Embrace the timeless appeal of pine with this understated yet enchanting candle.

Why Le Labo?

Le Labo candles are not just scents; they’re expressions of artisanal excellence. Crafted with precision and care, each candle is a work of art. The diverse range of fragrances, coupled with unique designs, makes Le Labo a symbol of luxury for creating an ambiance.

Choosing Your Le Labo Candle: A Personal Olfactory Journey

Selecting the perfect Le Labo candle is like choosing a piece of art for your space. Consider your mood—earthy, floral, citrusy, or mysterious. Embrace the design that resonates with your aesthetic, and let the burn time guide you through moments of artisanal indulgence.

In the realm of Le Labo, each candle is a chapter in the book of craftsmanship. It’s not just about scent; it’s about creating an experience, a moment that lingers in memory. So, candle aficionados, explore the scented wonders of Le Labo, light up your space, and let the symphony of artisanal excellence unfold.

Le Labo Scores:

  • Scent: 4.6/5
  • Look & Feel: 4.5/5
  • Burn Time: 4.4/5

Indulge in the perfect blend of artisanal excellence, scents, and moments of fragrant sophistication with Le Labo!

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