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Loewe’s Top 10 Candles: A Symphony of Elegance and Scents Unleashed!

Welcome to the aromatic world of Loewe candles, where each flame ignites a sensory journey. In this curated list of the top 10 Loewe candles, we unveil olfactory masterpieces crafted to elevate your space. From the captivating ‘Incense’ candle with its balsamic and woody notes to the refreshing ‘Cucumber’ candle that evokes the essence of freshly picked cucumbers, each candle is a symphony of scents waiting to enchant you.

Crafted in natural wax with a single cotton wick, these candles are presented in glazed terracotta vessels with stamped bases, adding an artistic touch to your space.

1. Incense Candle

loewe Incense Candle

The ‘Incense’ candle claims the top spot with a mid-intensity fragrance boasting balsamic and woody notes reminiscent of frankincense. Unveiling sweet, fresh notes over time, this aromatic masterpiece is a journey through the resinous and citrussy realms. Olfactory family: spicy.

2. Cypress Balls Candle

loewe Cypress Balls Candle

Securing the second position, the ‘Cypress Balls’ candle emanates a mid-intensity aromatic scent, evoking the evergreen aroma of the majestic cypress tree. Once lit, it reveals deep woody notes, creating an atmosphere of pure tranquility. Olfactory family: aromatic. Approximate burn time: 30 hours.

3. Oregano Candle

loewe Oregano Candle

In the third spot, the ‘Oregano’ candle entices with a mid-intensity fragrance embodying the resinous perfume of a Mediterranean herb garden. Lit, it unfolds into woody and amber notes, a sensory journey capturing the essence of the Mediterranean landscape. Olfactory family: aromatic.

4. Cucumber Candle

loewe Cucumber Candle

Taking the fourth position is the ‘Cucumber’ candle, boasting a high-intensity fragrance with an aquatic scent, reminiscent of a freshly picked cucumber. As it dances in the flame, it reveals refreshing mint notes, creating a crisp and invigorating atmosphere. Olfactory family: aromatic.

5. Marihuana Candle

loewe Marihuana Candle

Securing the fifth spot, the ‘Scent of Marihuana’ candle presents a mid-intensity herbal fragrance, echoing the soothing aroma of the Sativa Herb. Lit, it unravels delicate woody notes, offering a unique and calming olfactory experience. Olfactory family: aromatic.

6. Luscious Pea Candle

loewe Luscious Pea Candle

In sixth place, the ‘Luscious Pea’ candle unveils a mid-intensity green scent, reminiscent of fresh peas sprouting in spring. Once lit, delicate aquatic notes come to life, creating a sensorial journey through the verdant landscapes of the season. Olfactory family: green.

7. Honeysuckle Candle

loewe Honeysuckle Candle

Claiming the seventh spot is the ‘Honeysuckle’ candle, exuding a low-intensity floral fragrance that captures the sweet aroma of this flowering vine. Lit, it unveils delicate, honeyed notes, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate subtle floral elegance. Olfactory family: floral.

8. Orange Blossom Candle

loewe Orange Blossom Candle

In eighth place, the ‘Orange Blossom’ candle offers a low-intensity fragrance with a complex, honeyed, and earthy-yet-clean scent, reminiscent of orange tree flowers. Lit, it unfolds into citrus, sweet, and freshly green notes, an olfactory journey through the orchards. Olfactory family: floral.

9. Tomato Leaves Candle

loewe Tomato Leaves Candle

Securing the ninth position is the ‘Tomato Leaves’ candle, boasting a high-intensity green scent that mirrors the fresh, verdant aroma of tomato vines. Lit, it reveals delicate notes of cassis berries, creating a vibrant and invigorating atmosphere. Olfactory family: green.

10. Beetroot Candle

loewe Beetroot Candle

Rounding off the top 10 is the ‘Beetroot’ candle, presenting a high-intensity fruity scent that captures the fresh aroma of this deep-purple-and-red edible root vegetable. Lit, it unfolds into delicate sweet notes, a unique and delicious addition to your olfactory journey. Olfactory family: aromatic.

Embark on a scented adventure with Loewe candles, where each flame illuminates a world of aromatic wonders. Which one will you choose to elevate your space and captivate your senses?

Why Loewe?

Loewe candles are more than scents; they’re expressions of refined artistry. Crafted with precision and passion, each candle is a testament to the brand’s commitment to elegance. The diverse range of fragrances, coupled with sophisticated designs, makes Loewe a symbol of luxury for creating an ambiance.

Choosing Your Loewe Candle: A Personal Olfactory Journey

Selecting the perfect Loewe candle is like choosing a piece of art for your space. Consider your mood—luxurious, exotic, floral, or comforting. Embrace the design that resonates with your aesthetic, and let the burn time guide you through moments of refined indulgence.

In the realm of Loewe, each candle is a chapter in the book of elegance. It’s not just about scent; it’s about creating an experience, a moment that lingers in memory. So, candle enthusiasts, explore the scented wonders of Loewe, light up your space, and let the symphony of elegance unfold.

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